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All-inclusive software suite for your individual pacs & medical reading needs

Medical Imaging with iQ

Image Information Systems is an international company group with offices in Germany, USA and India, which offers complete, user friendly and cost-effective medical imaging solutions. Ten thousands of users all over the world benefit from our state-of-the-art products for Pacs, Ris, X-ray solutions, 3D processing and teleradiology.

Component-based iq‑system pacs

Designed for Versatile Imaging 

iQ-System Pacs is the ideal solution for healthcare institutions of any size, ranging from full-featured radiology workstations to powerful Pacs and helpful tools for a smooth medical imaging workflow.

Flexible and easy to configure, the picture archiving and communication system (Pacs) manages Dicom images from multiple modalities and image acquisition stations. It ensures their storage, archiving and distribution within and across healthcare networks. In addition, it provides access to these images for the primary and secondary diagnosis of diseases, injuries, and disabilities.

Customizable Components to fit your Radiology Needs

Choose the programs you need for your daily workflow within medical image viewing from a system of interrelated software components. These can be used all together or in different combinations.

iQ-web – all-inclusive Pacs for archiving, teleradiology and image sharing

An easy-to-use and affordable software server application for storing, viewing and distributing any medical imaging studies and reports to client applications.

iQ-4View – diagnostic zero-footprint viewing
A platform and browser independent, web-based Dicom viewer that enables flexible image diagnosis and reporting from any location and device.
iQ-View – radiology reading software

User-friendly and highly functional desktop reading station that is used to retrieve, import, export, print and display medical images in diagnostic quality or in review quality for clinical reference.

iQ-Router – image compression, teleradiology and workflow management

Windows NT service that is ideal for teleradiology purposes as it is primarily used to route, compress, decompress, encrypt, decrypt and modify medical images.

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